Have you ever heard this from your clients?

  • “No matter how much screen time we give my son, it’s never enough.”
  • “I know I need to be consistent to teach good habits, but…”
  • “It feels like screen time is the only thing that motivates my daughter right now.”
  • “The screen time strategies I’ve tried were so impractical…”
  • “I’m worried that I’m not doing enough – but I don’t have the tools to make
    it work.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed with managing so much when it comes to screen time, homework, chores, etc.”
  • “I don’t know how to stop screen time without a fight.”
  • “How can I enforce healthy rules, when my son sneaks onto his devices?”
  • “My goal is to help her be ready for life and still have our relationship intact.”

Habyts® was designed with ADHD in mind

Many kids have trouble managing their own screen time. But ADHD can make it even harder for kids to avoid excessive gaming, social media and other digital distractions. As family life and relationships suffer – parents often feel trapped in a loop of nagging, threats and telling their kids off. We’ve been there – and it’s one of the reasons we created Habyts.

Hi, we’re Cindy and Andy Crossley, Co-founders of Habyts®

As we went through our ADHD parenting journey, excessive screen time was a particular challenge.

We were fortunate to meet and work with ADHD experts such as Dr Edward Hallowell M.D., Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD, and other ground-breaking professionals.

These experts have helped us to build on the positive and practical principles we designed into our breakthrough app – called Habyts®.

In fact, our focus on Neurodiversity and Special Educational Needs has expanded as two other members of our Management Team are parenting kids on the autistic spectrum.

We see Habyts as an opportunity to unwrap the gifts – and help manage the challenges – for many kids across the behavioural spectrum.

Habyts® Supports Professional Services

with Habit-Building Technology

“If screen time is a struggle for your family, I suggest you give Habyts a try. There is so much to gain.”

Dr Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D. 
Globally-renowned Child and Adult Psychiatrist, Author and Expert in Cognitive Behaviour

ADHD Professionals can use Habyts in many ways to help clients succeed

Build practical ADHD guidance & strategies into easy-to-use management technology.

Help parents maintain the consistent approach needed to teach key habits.

Provide a tangible tool for client focus – like health professionals can do with fitness trackers.

Increase client commitment – and thus the likelihood of success.

Support quick wins and regular progress – to build forward momentum

Contribute guidance on a regular basis – both in the product and the community.

Work With Us

Help your clients build effective habits to successfully manage screen time & ADHD

There are many ways to start working with Habyts.

  • Partner with Habyts on content, training, and co-marketing.
  • Try Habyts – and give us your feedback.
  • Join the Habyts Closed Facebook Community – and share your knowledge
  • with families struggling with screen time and ADHD.

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