Before you download the Habyts app, you need to tell your Android device that you're happy to download from this site, rather than the Google Play store. Why?
Here's how you do that:

Open 'Settings', then 'Security'

On your child's Android device, open the "Settings" app and scroll down to "Security". Tap it to open.

Allow 'Unknown Sources'

Scroll down to "Unknown sources". Check the box or slide the grey slider to the right to switch this feature on. Click "OK" on the warning box that appears.

Download onto child's device


Once the file has downloaded, you may see a message "This type of file can harm your device...". Don’t worry: the device is just being very cautious. If this message appears, tap "OK".

Now follow the on-screen instructions, or see more help

Open the file, install the app

  • On most versions of Android, a message will appear with an Open" button. Tap "Open".
  • You will see a screen describing some of the permissions Habyts needs. Tap "Install".
  • If you don’t see the “Open” button, swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the Notification Area and click on the notification “Habyts Agent – download complete”.
  • If you still can’t see this (some Samsung phones), open your ‘My Files’ folder (which is inside the ‘Samsung’ folder), then ‘Download History’ folder. You should find the Habyts Agent file there - just tap on it!

Open the app, give permissions

Open the Habyts® app. Habyts will walk you through giving two more permissions:

A. ‘Activate’ as a Device Administrator

B. On the Accessibility menu, under ‘Services’ (at the top), click on ‘Habyts Monitoring’. Switch Habyts Monitoring to ‘on’ by moving the switch in the top right corner to ‘on’.

Give 'usage access'

If your device has Android version 5 or 6, a message may appear stating that Habyts needs "usage access". Follow the instructions and tap "Habyts Agent", then "OK".

Still need more help? Watch the video below or go to the helpdesk