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Build the future of family life and modern habits

Habyts is a suite of software for helping families manage kids’ screen time, homework and daily responsibilities across all electronic devices. The daily stories in the news about the dangers of too much or inappropriate screen time for kids make it clear there is a need for a breakthrough solution in this area. Habyts helps families find the right balance to get the most out of the fast-evolving digital landscape.

We focus on modern technology, beautiful interfaces, delightful user experience, and deep customer insight to make everyday family life easier and more fulfilling. Working closely with parenting experts, we build smart technology and tools to help parents teach their kids how to build essential life habits.

The company has a strong entrepreneurial / start-up culture, with everyone encouraged to engage with all aspects of the business. This happens at a fast pace so you must be comfortable with changing requirements, and an iterative, agile approach to work.  We welcome diversity of thought as we build new ways of managing digital life.