Case Study: Managing Digital Distractions with ADHD

Kayla was one of our Habyts Testers.  Here is how Habyts helped Kayla manage digital distractions and her son with ADHD.

Life Before Habyts

Tell us about your concerns.

My son has ADHD, so he can be distracted very easy. When he needs to look up something or is supposed to be doing homework, it is very hard for him not to get on YouTube or ads get his attention.

My children are more worried about their devices and games instead of playing and making friends.

Please describe the pain points in your day-to-day life that drive your interest in managing your kids’ screen time.

I want them to do more than look at a screen. I want them to go outside and make friends. I also am worried about what they see online.

When it comes to managing Digital Screen Time, what is the #1 single biggest challenge or fear you are facing right now?

Being able to control time while I am not in the room.

How do you currently handle Digital Screen Time and Technology in your household?

By being firm with them and checking on them when I can.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would the perfect solution look like?

They would not use the technology when I say they are not allowed.

Life After Using Habyts

Why did you rate 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with initial setup/installation?

It was easy to set up, and it was described on how to set up on every device.

Tell us about the account creation process.

It was very easy. The processes went smoothly, and I did not have to restart or get hung up because of processing time.

Tell us a little about what kind of schedule you made.

I made an hour of time for my children's tablets to be unlocked. I chose 7-8 because we are usually done with eating, homework, baseball and other activities.

Why did you rate 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Tasks?

It was easy to use, and I like how the children can't play their tablets without the task being done. I also [like] how they can see what task needs to be done. This makes it to where they can be more independent.

What task(s) did you add?

Clean room and do homework.

What would encourage or discourage you from setting a task?

It encourages me because my oldest son is ADHD and it makes him feel more independent. My second son is 5 so it makes him feel older.

Why did you rate 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Rewards?

It encourages my kids to get rewards for more time. So they do study and clean without being told a lot.

After using Habyts, what do you like most?

I like the reward and task system.

Tell us how you're using Habyts now?

On tablets and my phone.

What about this software makes it so you want to keep using it?

I like that this software allows my children to be independent while keeping [them away from] things I don't want them to have access.