“Habyts allows my children to be independent while keeping [them away from] things I don’t want them to have access.”

Here is how Habyts helped Kayla manage digital distractions and her son with ADHD.

Life Before Habyts

My older son has ADHD, so he can be distracted very easy. When he needs to look up something or is supposed to be doing homework, it is hard for him not to get on YouTube or ads get his attention.

I was firm and checked on them when I could, but my kids (I also have a 5 year old son) were more worried about their devices and games rather than making friends!

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Life After Using Habyts

I like that this software – in particular the reward and task system – allows my children to be independent while keeping [them away from] things I don’t want them to have access.

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How We Did It

Schedule Set Up

Kayla set up the schedule so that her kids tablets were only unlocked for one hour of the day. She chose between 7-8pm because this was when they were usually done with eating, homework, baseball and other activities.

In the Habyts Schedule tab, you can set any schedule you like. The starting time is the earliest time you want to allow your kids to have access to their device and the latest time is when you want them to stop using the device for the day.

Why did you rate scheduled set up 5/5?

“It was easy to set up, and it was described on how to set up on every device. The processes went smoothly, and I did not have to restart or get hung up because of processing time.”


Kayla added homework and clean room as her kids tasks. This encouraged her eldest son with ADHD to feel more independent. It also made her second son feel older and more responsible too.

To set up Tasks, click Add a new Task and then follow the 3 steps to get the Task set up.

  1. Choose Task
  2. Set which day and time the Task should be completed
  3. Decide whether to block Play Time until Task is completed, set approval or reward points.

Why did you rate Tasks 5/5?

“It was easy to use, and I like how the children can’t play their tablets without the task being done. I also [like] how they can see what task needs to be done. This makes it to where they can be more independent.”

Kayla also used Rewards to encourage her kids to complete more tasks (such as studying and cleaning) without being told. When they did this, they earned more points and, therefore, more screen time.

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Your family is free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars. Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again. Now… open your eyes… watch the video and see what we believe in…