Case Study: Managing Minecraft with Habyts

Joanna was one of our early Habyts Testers. Here is how Habyts helped Joanna manage her daughter’s use of Minecraft.

Life Before Habyts

Tell us about screen time experience with your kids.

Our child is a regular user of tech aged 10 and can easily push the boundaries with regards to the amount of screen time she has. As parents, we would like to encourage good habits with her use of tech and feel an app like this would help us to achieve this.

Please describe the pain points in your day-to-day life that drive your interest in managing your child(ren)’s screen time.

My daughter is obsessed with Minecraft. Whether it is playing Minecraft on her tablet, or on the laptop, or on the Xbox...... or watching Minecraft videos on YouTube it is all the time! She wears headphones which amplifies the issue of not being able to get her attention.

Once she is on a device, she is lost to everything around her. Having software such as Habyts should make managing her screen time much easier, removing one battle between parent and child.

It can be a struggle to get my child's attention when on a device. Also, when she has had time on one device, she will then switch to another

When it comes to managing Digital Screen Time, what is the #1 single biggest challenge or fear you are facing right now?

The biggest challenge is getting across to my children that all electronic devices are that - electronic devices! Therefore, once asked to come off one of them, I then have to say no to them playing on another of the devices we have in the household as they can't understand that screen time is across all of the devices.

How do you currently handle Digital Screen Time and Technology in your household?

It's based upon trust - I discuss the amount of time allowed but then have to remember to say when the time is up. I obviously forget, and my child takes advantage of me forgetting and therefore continue using them!

If you could wave a magic wand, what would the perfect solution look like?

Something intuitive, which is fun for the kids to use too to get their buy in with its use.

Life After Using Habyts

Why did you rate Habyts 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Tasks?

Easy to use and adapt. Also gave you a start point of the sort of tasks to use.

What task(s) did you add?

Feed the gerbils. Load the dishwasher. Unload the dishwasher.

After using Habyts, what do you like most?

The concept of being able to control my child's screen time using this software is great. It also encouraged my daughter to help out in the house, completing her tasks which gave her screen time.

What about this software makes it so you want to keep using it?

Limiting my daughter's usage without having to physically remove her tablet from her.