Case Study: Managing Screens, Chores & Study

Camille was one of our early Habyts Testers. Here is how Habyts helped her family manage screen time, education and chores.

Life Before Habyts

How do you currently handle Digital Screen Time and Technology in your household?

I currently monitor my kids on my own, and try my best to block sites which they shouldn’t see and monitor their time.

When it comes to managing Digital Screen Time, what is the #1 single biggest challenge or fear you are facing right now?

Not knowing what they are doing or if they are on safe sites.

Please describe the pain points in your day-to-day life that drive your interest in managing your child(ren)’s screen time.

Sometimes the pain is repeating daily chores and it doesn’t get done because they forget, or limiting the time on the PC for just playing...these are painful times. Knowing this program handles it all in one is great.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would the perfect solution look like?

A program such as Habyts is the perfect solution...It has all I need plus more [and] what they need for security.

Life After Using Habyts

Why did you rate 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Tasks?

It’s great to know that I can put certain things for my child to do and once it gets done she is rewarded… It gears them to continue and adapt to helping complete everyday tasks.

What task(s) did you add?

I added set the table, clear table, and put away groceries.

What would encourage or discourage you from setting a Task?

It was very easy to set up Tasks. It encourages me to set more and in this simple way it makes it easy for my kids to understand.

Why did you rate Habyts 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Rewards?

It’s a great idea to get rewards. In reality, just to have additional time together and still accumulate points.

Please tell us your experience with adding Rewards.

It was rather easy. I added do some baking together, read with me, have an ice cream, play my favorite board game…all valued at 5 Points.

Tell us a little about what kind of Schedule you made.

I made my child’s Schedule based on after class - when her homework is done - usually 2 to 3 hours per weekday.

Tell us about your experiences with the Study Time page.

The Study Time page is excellent and great to know you can block sites and only use a specific time to study for your kids. Great program!

Tell us what information you were able to gather from the Report page.

I can gather how much Study Time was applied and how much Play Time with an overall total time on the PC...I love how the information is tabulated for knowing how long your child has been on the PC daily and for what purposes.

What specific feature did you like most about this product?

I think this is a great program, not only can I monitor my kid's activity but I know they are always safe.

After using Habyts, what do you like most?

I love how it teaches my child how to manage time and use educational websites and still have time for fun while being rewarded.

Tell us how you're using Habyts now?

It’s great [and] easy to use… Once you have it installed you can reward your child based on studies online and tasks.

What about this software makes it so you want to keep using it?

Simple, easy, great. Knowing that Habyts provides the solution to my child going to certain websites and time [spent] on the PC makes me feel better.