“Simple and very easy to use, Habyts is very well thought out.”

Here is how Habyts helped Mike just “turn the Internet off”.

Life Before Habyts

My two kids are constant users of Android phones and tablets. If they don’t keep up their grades, I grounded them from the games until I saw improvement. The problem was it could take some time to see improvement. In the meantime, I had to put up with the griping and attitude after I removed their games from them.

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Life After Using Habyts

Habyts seems very well thought out with all the features, but what I like the most is the ability to simply turn off the internet from the kids!
Want to pause the internet like Mike? Just click the ‘Pause everything’ button on the homepage of your Habyts parent dashboard!

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How We Did It

Schedule Set Up

Mike started using Habyts by setting a screen time schedule for his two kids from 8am till around 11pm at night.

In Habyts, you can have different schedule times for different days. Once you click save, your chosen schedule will apply across all Habyts devices.

Why did you rate set up 5/5?

“The account creation process was simple and very easy. Everything was easy and large fonts, which helps us adults.”

Study Time

Mike also used Habyts Study Time to make sure his kids completed their homework before accessing Play Time. He did this by setting 35 min for Study Time.

In the Study Time tab, you can set how much Study Time you want. This can be unlimited or for a set time like Mike did, which will start immediately.

If you want Study Time to automatically start at certain times, you can also set up a Study Time Schedule under the Habyts Schedule Tab. The normal Study Time rules will apply to this schedule too.


As well as Study Time, Mike set specific tasks for his kids to complete before they could get screen time. These included mowing the lawn, putting the dishes away and loading dishes in the sink.

In the Task section, you can add any number of Tasks you would like your kids to complete. You can choose to edit the Tasks at any time to decide:

  1. How often the task must be completed
  2. When the task is due
  3. If Play Time should be blocked until the Task is done
  4. If the Task requires parent approval
  5. If you would like to give points for completing Tasks.

Why did you rate Tasks 5/5?

“[It] seemed like an easy way to for them to earn time for doing specific tasks.”

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Your family is free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars. Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again. Now… open your eyes… watch the video and see what we believe in…