“Habyts, thanks so much!”

Here is how Habyts helped Patty make study time a priority for her daughter.

Life Before Habyts

I knew that my daughters’ need to access the internet for their homework, but I also knew I needed to help them maintain a healthy balance when it came to their screen time. And as a parent, I needed help to achieve that.

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Life After Using Habyts

“I would say the study time feature. I was worried that I would still have to login and let her have full access to the internet. Thanks so much!”

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How We Did It

Schedule Set Up

Patty scheduled 45 minutes for her daughter to use her device with no restrictions and the rest of the time to use it for learning purposes. To do this, she used Habyts Schedule, Play Time and Study Time.

Once you’ve set the schedule (when the device can be active until bedtime) you then go to Play Time to set how much of this time your kids can use for doing whatever they like. Your kids can then use this Play Time whenever they like within the schedule providing they don’t have tasks to complete first!

Then in the Study Time section, Patty set Study Time to unlimited. That meant that her daughter could use her device any time within her scheduled hours to study, but only for 45 minutes of recreational screen time.

In both Play Time and Study Time, you can also block websites and apps that you don’t want to distract your child. For example, block any worrying social media sites during Study Time.

Why did you rate schedule set up 5/5?

“It was fast and easy. Instructions were clear and easy to understand. The creation process was very smooth. I really like that the developers added in [Study Time]. It makes the app stand out from others.”


Tasks & Rewards

As well as the schedule, Patty included Tasks that her daughters had to complete for rewards. She chose chores and quiet time, before adding in reading tasks that needed to be completed.

Patty gave points for the tasks, which the girls could then use for more screen time. Sweep the floor, 1 point. Take out the trash, 2 points, make the bed, 3 points and so on, and so forth.

To set up Bonus Play Time as a reward, go to the Play Time tab in Habyts and select “Can spend Points on Bonus Play Time”. You can then decide to limit the points too. 1 point = 1 extra minute of Play Time.

Why did you rate Tasks and Rewards 5/5?

“I love this idea [of Tasks]. Now instead of having a separate list for chores and other tasks, everything can be done from the one application. I also love being able to set up more on screen time as a reward for completing tasks without being asked.”

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Your family is free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars. Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again. Now… open your eyes… watch the video and see what we believe in…