Case Study: Putting the Device Away

Chris was one of our early Habyts Testers. Here is how Habyts helped him manage a son who won’t put his device away when asked.

Putting the Device Away

Life Before Habyts

Please describe the pain points in your day-to-day life that drive your interest in managing your child(ren)’s screen time.

I have a child who will defy anyone you say please come to dinner or please put down X and he will not and sometimes you need to turn it off without a fight.

When it comes to managing Digital Screen Time, what is the #1 single biggest challenge or fear you are facing right now?

Him using it when he is not [supposed] to be.

How do you currently handle Digital Screen Time and Technology in your household?

We will have to remove it from his hand or sometimes just let him keep using the device to stop fights.

My son will just play any game he likes until the battery dies on the tablet and then move on to computer.

Life After Using Habyts

Why did you rate Habyts 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Tasks?

This is clean and easy to use.

Please tell us your experience with adding rewards. Include what rewards you added and their point values.

I was able to add a rewards quick and easy, like "Go to the park together".

After using Habyts, what do you like most?

I am able to disable the usage right away.

What about this software makes it so you want to keep using it?

It so easy to use and can be handy with a child who will not put down a device when asked.