“With Habyts I don’t have to worry as much.”

Here is how Habyts helped Shatisha stop the stress of having her kids access digital content.

Life Before Habyts

In our home, we love electronics and are frequent users of Android devices, including tablets and phones. But I couldn’t always see or watch what my children were doing or what content they were accessing. I found it very frustrating as I didn’t have the ability or time to monitor everything. I tried to limit their screen time when I was around, but it wasn’t always possible.

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Life After Using Habyts

I love the idea of Habyts and I was really impressed with how it works. I really do appreciate this program and how it can help alleviate the stresses of having children that access digital content. I’m not always around to limit my child’s exposure to the internet…with Habyts I don’t have to worry as much.

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How We Did It

Schedule Set Up

Shatisha made a schedule around the time her child used her phone the most. To do this, she set the times using Habyts schedule and then allowed Bonus Play Time – within limits – to allow for more playing time.

To set up additional Play Time, go to the Play Time tab and scroll to the Bonus Play Time section. You can then get kids to earn points by completing tasks or manually add points to their Habyts bank in the Play Time section.

Why did you rate schedule set up 5/5?

“The initial setup was easy and seamless…[I had] no issues at all.”

Tasks & Rewards

Because Shatisha had used Bonus Play Time, she also set Tasks such as homework and doing the dishes. By completing these tasks, her kids earned points that they could then use for extra screen time. 1 point = 1 more minute of screen time.

When you edit a Task in the Task section, you can set how many points you want to give for completing the task. You can also decide whether you want the Task to be approved by an adult before kids get access to their Play Time too.

Why did you rate Tasks and Rewards 5/5 and ⅘ respectively?

“[Both] features were easy to use. The points values with Tasks and Rewards were easy to understand after watching the video.”

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Your family is free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars. Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again. Now… open your eyes… watch the video and see what we believe in…