Case Study: More Study Time, Less Social Media, & Greater Peace of Mind

Nicole was one of our Habyts Testers. Here is how Habyts helped her handle her biggest concern: Internet Bullying.

More Study Time, Less Social Media, & Greater Peace of Mind

Life Before Habyts

Please describe the pain points in your day-to-day life that drive your interest in managing your child(ren)’s screen time.

Trying to get them to do chores and put digital devices down.

When it comes to managing Digital Screen Time, what is the #1 single biggest challenge or fear you are facing right now?

Internet bullying.

How do you currently handle Digital Screen Time and Technology in your household?

We have family time 3 days a week with no technology for an hour.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would the perfect solution look like?

Family time playing a board game and no digital electronics.

Life After Using Habyts

Why did you rate 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with initial setup/installation?

Very easy and fast.

Tell us about the account creation process


Tell us a little about what kind of schedule you made.

Less time playing games and social media and more study time.

Tell us a little about what settings you modified on the “Play Time” page.

Play time is only an hour so there is more study time.

Tell us about your experiences with the “Study Time” page.

Very pleased at the setup and how easy it is… I can monitor how much time they spend doing homework and on social media.

Why did you rate Habyts 5 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction with Rewards?

My kids were more interested in competing with each other with the rewards feature. It was great having them doing something together and having fun.

Please tell us your experience with adding rewards. Include what rewards you added and their point values.

They got points for doing chores, getting good grades and behavior. It has been great seeing them do a lot to earn rewards. Seeing them work together was motivating.

Tell us what information you were able to gather from the report page.

They did more Study Time

What information was displayed for you?

Study time increased and social media decreased.

After using Habyts, what do you like most?

I like knowing what my kids are doing on the computer without checking on them very often. I can monitor how long they do certain things on the computer.

After using Habyts for two weeks, what do you like least?

There is nothing that I can say that I dislike about it. I loved it!

What about this software makes it so you want to keep using it?

Peace of mind for my children on the internet.