Forget Blame, Embrace Habits

Excessive screen time is NOT about being a bad parent or having lazy kids.  It’s about having the practical tools & guidance to build positive & consistent habits – for you and your family!

Hi, we’re Cindy and Andy Crossley – Co-founders of Habyts®

With 3 boys, we’ve overcome our fair share of screen time, homework & chore issues!

We used to face daily struggles to get our older boys off Minecraft. Constant nagging had no impact. Growing resentment only increased the emotional distance!

Up against the power of digital distractions, we had homework battles almost every evening – particularly as key exams were on the horizon. Regular chores and other good habits were out the window.

It was frustrating for ALL of us.

As a result, we researched hundreds of parenting tools, techniques and apps for parental control. (And discovered a lot more about ourselves along the way).

But ours is the first generation of parents trying to manage internet technology, ‘screen sucking’, and Digital Natives – and we need a new approach!

So, Habyts® was born.

We work with experts and families around the world to provide flexible tools which help caring parents like you take charge of tech – before tech takes charge of your kids.

We hope Habyts® will help you arrive more quickly on the right approach to suit your family (and avoid some of our mistakes along the way).

But let’s be clear on one thing – while our team may have built Habyts – its real power lies in the smart ways families are using it to build better habits!


Your family is free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars. Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again.

  • Now…
  • open your eyes…
  • watch the video…
  • see what we believe in…
  • and let’s get started!

Have You Ever Tried to Take a Marble Jar on a Holiday?

Remember this scene from earlier?

Imagine your family free of screen time battles, homework hassles, and chore wars.

Distracted children are motivated. Daily routines are established. Family life is fun again.

Well, many frustrated parents try lots of tools to achieve this vision.

Marble jars for motivation. Paper charts to track chores and rewards. Unplugging the router until homework is done.

But the old tools don’t easily fit into modern life.

Marble jars don’t travel well. Paper charts are messy and time-consuming. Homework often requires Internet access.

But that’s only the start…

Whether it’s setting sensible limits or enforcing screen time rules…

…a LACK OF CONSISTENCY can kill your best intentions.

So what kills consistency?

Hectic lives. Multiple devices. Shifting schedules. Ever-changing technology.

And don’t forget that technology is designed to be incredibly engaging (and to stimulate compulsive behaviour).

Now add in a stressful, complex world. Multiply by the number of kids.

And no wonder good intentions go awry!

Which is why we built Habyts® to be the modern tool for family rules.

Build a better family life, one habit at a time. Simple.

The 11 Core Beliefs of Habyts

Some call it a product…we call it a revolution. No matter, here are our core beliefs for Habyts.


We believe in...habits. (No surprise there!)

Your child’s daily habits ultimately define his or her life. In fact, experts say habits represent over 40% of our everyday conduct. In short, good life habits lead to…the good life!


“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” (including Digital Habits).

Hats off to Aristotle for the above quote! Healthy screen limits are essential to making sure technology doesn’t damage a child’s mental or physical health, social skills or chances of academic success. And kids then carry their habits – good or bad – into adulthood.


Kids need play in ALL its varied forms.

Kids massively benefit from varied habits of physical, social, creative, and unstructured play (in addition to digital fun). These habits build important cognitive & social skills. Sadly, many kids today don’t have diverse enough play at home due to the dominance of digital media.


Technology should work FOR your family (not vice-versa).

We love technology in moderation…but recognise that many websites, apps, and other digital media are designed specifically to stimulate engaging, compulsive, and potentially addictive behaviour.


Parents have more influence than they realise on screen time habits.

According to the Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics – JAMA: “Parental monitoring of media has protective effects on a wide range of academic, social, and physical child outcomes.”


Screen time is a privilege to be earned...not an entitlement to be expected.

With appropriate limits and pre-planned agreements, screen time and other incentives can actually motivate kids to build healthy habits…and even break bad ones.


Consistency is essential to teaching good habits.

Many parents say being consistent is one of their biggest challenges when managing rules & routines for their kids. And managing screen time is one of the hardest areas to be consistent.


Automation + Motivation = Self-Regulation.

Automating screen time structure (including rules, routines, and tracking) make it easier to be consistent. And this consistency helps parents motivate kids with clear expectations such as “when this is finished, then you can…”. Over time, these ‘habit systems’ help kids learn to self-regulate.


Every family is uniquely is every child.

Because each family operates in its own way, smart tools & guidance must be flexible enough to suit specific needs of your child.


The best tools make it easier to teach kids better habits – and build loving relationships - for life.

So we created Habyts…


And most importantly -- we believe in YOU!

Because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already a great parent – who wants to do the best for your child.

So... Why are we called Habyts?

Habyts® uses smart technology to help parents teach their children and teens how to build essential life habits.

Why? Because good habit-building requires consistent reminders, routine, and rewards (3 activities that smart technology can make easier).

Giving parents the time to focus on the most essential activity: building caring relationships.

Think of each BYTE of Habyts® technology as a way to support the many good life HABITS your child needs for a happy, successful life.

How To Make Habits REALLY Stick

Combine Better Habits + Stronger Relationships for Maximum Impact

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. – Aristotle

According to researchers at Duke University, about 45% of our choices in life every day are habit-driven.

That’s not counting our thought processes which are also cued up all day long by some other thought or reaction. (Often to something we hear or see at home, work or in the community).

Every habit has a set loop: Cue –> Routine –> Reward

That is why we believe learning HOW to build good habits is fundamental to building a good life.

The sooner, the better.

“From tantrums to texting, the secret of happy parenting is a close relationship with your child”. – Laura Markham

We also believe a great habit loop requires another critical component: Relationships.

Positive relationships make it easier for parents to help their children build good habits.

And smart technology can play a positive role in this process – for kids, adults, families, and whole communities.

So we modified the loop as we designed Habyts®:
Relationship –> Reminder –> Routine –> Reward

We believe we have a great set of tools that combines these essential elements, but we are always trying to improve them.

And we’d love to hear from you!