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Habyts Features for Your Family

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Amazon Fire

Works on iOS, Android, Windows & Amazon Fire

Habyts Manages, Motivates and Protects

with easy-to-use dashboards for both parents & kids

Habyts is the all-in-one family app that helps you manage screen time, eliminate homework distractions, protect your devices, motivate your kids and so much more!

Habyts works across devices, networks, platforms – and even offline.

More than other apps, Habyts lets kids earn their privileges – in the form of extra screen time or non-screen rewards. The goal? Teach kids responsible independence and build good habits for life.

Habyts is the perfect solution… I love how it teaches my child to mange time and use educational websites and still have time for fun.

– Camilla S