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Works on iOS, Android, Windows & Amazon Fire

Habyts Manages, Motivates and Protects

with easy-to-use dashboards for both parents & kids

Habyts is the all-in-one family app that helps you manage screen time, eliminate homework distractions, protect your devices, motivate your kids and so much more!

Habyts works across devices, networks, platforms – and even offline.

More than other apps, Habyts lets kids earn their privileges – in the form of extra screen time or non-screen rewards. The goal? Teach kids responsible independence and build good habits for life.

Manage & Simplify


Managing Screen Time is Child’s Play

Teach your kids to manage screen time – within limits.

Play Time Allowance is the recreational screen time you allow your child per day (for example, 1 hour).

Kids start their Play Time from the Child Dashboard (outside of Restricted Hours).

They even get Times Up Reminders and an optional Five More Minutes feature.

Steady steps towards independent good habits.

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Easily Enforce Sensible Schedules

Finally! Bedtime = Sleep Time!

No more video games under the covers or social media through the night.

No more hiding devices. No more arguments.

Set restricted hours for as long as you wish – day or night.

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When ‘No’ means ‘No’

Do you want to turn off your child’s device at the touch of a button?

Habyts does exactly that!

Automatically pause screen time (both online and offline) with a simple click.

Great for dinner time, sudden changes in plans, or on those days when enough is simply enough.

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Cut Out Homework Distractions

Block time-wasting apps, games and websites when your kids do homework.

But still let them use educational apps and websites!

So no Minecraft or YouTube while they’re using Wikipedia or Microsoft Word.

You can schedule Study Time for all day, at certain times, or turn it on with a click.

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Works Across Devices so that 1 Hour = 1 Hour

Trying to limit screen time for two kids, each with their own Windows laptop and Android phone – while sharing the family tablet?

Habyts adds up the time each child spends on different devices (even shared devices).

It then applies your rules for each child, everywhere, across all devices, all networks, and even offline!

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Minimise the Meltdowns

Your kids are learning to manage their time.

Kids may get upset if they can’t finish a game or end an online chat because Play Time has come to an end.

Habyts has the option to allow kids 5 minutes extra Play Time on demand – but only once a day.

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See How Much Screen Time You’re Really Using!

Research  shows that parental screen time heavily impacts child screen time.

Monitor Me gives parents the option to monitor their own screen time – excluding required use during work hours.

You can even use our Family Scoreboard feature to share progress with your kids!

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Motivate & Earn


Do Your Tasks Before Screen Time!

Turn screen time back into a privilege!

Set your kids regular Tasks to complete – with a due time and day.

Kids earn Points by doing their Tasks – which can be used for extra screen time or non-screen Rewards.

Need a little extra incentive? Parents can block Play Time until Tasks are completed – and even require parent approval!

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Automate Extra Screen Time Privileges

With the Habyts Points system, you can let your kids automatically unlock Bonus Play Time.

But first, they must complete assigned Tasks to earn Play Time Points.

And you can always cap how much – or how little – Bonus Time can be used.

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Motivate Your Kids Beyond Screen Time

Encourage responsibility by agreeing a non-screen Reward for your child to earn!

Kids save up Points by completing Tasks. Points can then be spent on non-screen Rewards (like going to the park together or choosing what’s for dinner).

And it’s a lot easier to track than a chart on the fridge!

We give you a list of reward ideas to get started or you can simply add your own.

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Play time at your command!

Long car ride journey? Kids deserve a little extra time? You need a 10 minute breather?

Sometimes it makes sense to give your kids a little extra recreational screen time.

Remember, you can always start and stop Free Play time at the touch of a button.

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Now You and Your Kids Are on the Same Side!

Get the whole family involved by sharing stats and progress (within limits).

Inspire your kids by showing them that you’re monitoring your own screen time.

Compete and connect to turn managing screen time into a bit of family fun!

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Safeguard & Protect


Automatically Block Groups of Harmful Sites

Block inappropriate websites with our done-for-you list of Categories.

Then add or remove specific sites (or entire Categories) as you see fit.

You can adjust the rules for each child.

The Blocked site list automatically applies across all devices!

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Schedule the Use of Certain Websites – even Incognito

Easily schedule the right websites for your child during the right periods of the day!

Choose to block or allow specific websites or website categories during Play Time or Study Time.

Or simply when your child is signed in.

And it even works during private browsing (or incognito mode).

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No More Pesky App Distractions or Surprises

Allow the right apps websites for your child during the right periods of the day!

On Windows and Android, you can block all apps or particular apps all the time or just during certain periods of the day.

On Apple, you can either block all apps or none at all.

Time to put those apps back in line!

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Simply Smarter Reports

See how long your kids spend on screens each day!

Find out how they spend their Screen Time (even track private browsing or incognito mode!).

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Always In Control Wherever You Are!

The Habyts Parent Dashboard runs on your phone, your PC, your tablet – and device with an internet browser.

You can manage all your kids from one account, and add your partner, grandparents or other carers, too.


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Habyts is the perfect solution… I love how it teaches my child to mange time and use educational websites and still have time for fun.

– Camilla S