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Would you like an app that could help limit screen time for kids?

If you want to have a say in how your kid spends their time online, Habyts is the app for you.

Set daily screen time allowance, block certain websites whenever they are online and offer bonus screen time for completing tasks and chores.

With Habyts, you can even monitor screen time across all your child’s devices!

Get screen time limits that stick!

Set a Daily Allowance

Decide how much Play Time you want to set.

Offer Bonus Play Time

Introduce a reward system with Play Time points.

Blocked during Play Time

Block inappropriate websites for your child.

Track Time Spent on Other Devices

Record other device Play Time too.

Set a Daily Allowance

Screen time for kids can vary, so it’s up to you to decide how much time you want your child to spend on their screen every day. Note the times in our Play Time area and click save.

It really is that simple to set up screen time limits in Habyts! No more nagging to get off their screens, Habyts does it for you automatically.

Your parental controls work across devices too, so you can make sure that set playtime is not exceeded by moving to another screen!

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Offer Bonus Play Time

If you want to offer your kids extra screen time, you can set up Bonus Play Time. When their Play Time allowance is used up, they can spend points they’ve earned on Bonus Play Time.

1 point = 1 minute. Points can be earned by completing Tasks or you, as the parent, can add points manually.

You can also block or limit the total amount of Bonus Play Time they can access each day. Remember, Total Play Time is their daily allowance plus any Bonus Play Time they use.

Blocked during Play Time

We know how important it is to you that you can block bad websites before your child can access them.

Here at Habyts, we offer you a list of pre-blocked websites when kids are using their Play Time allowance, but you can add to the list and edit it as you see fit.

We also work across Incognito (Private) mode and networks (3G, 4G…etc.) so your kids can’t skirt around your screen time rules!

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Track Time Spent on Other Devices

Screen time for kids often goes across multiple devices. While Habyts offer parental controls across iPad, iPhone, and Android, there are some devices not currently supported.

Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo screen time still need to be tracked though, so we give you an area where you can record extra screen time. This will be docked from your child’s overall Play Time.

With Habyts, when you say 1 hour, it really means 1 hour!

All You Need To Teach Your
Kids Digital Balance

Easily enforce sensible Time Limits & Schedules

Block harmful websites and apps to Protect Your Kids

Apply rules & time limits... Across Multiple Devices

Minimise meltdowns with Reminders for Kids

Use reports to See What They're Doing

Require regular chores and special Tasks to be Done...Before Screen Time

Block out hard-to-resist Homework Distraction

Use rewards to Encourage Responsibility

Easily automate Bonus Screen Time

Stay in Control - by phone or browser Wherever You Are.

See why parents love Habyts

Habyts is awesome.

Habyts is awesome. You single-handedly solved screen-time management for our students. It was like a light switch flipped.

Kyle Swanson, Technology Support & Board Member, Learn Inc.

Habyts have been super responsive and that helps my teachers want to continue with Habyts.

Our focus is in three areas, social emotional, academic and connection to home, and Habyts really fits those areas…. They [Habyts] have been super responsive and that helps my teachers want to continue with Habyts.

Spencer Holmgren, Principal, Hillcrest School

The result of using Habyts has been incredible

The result of using Habyts has been incredible – not only is her work being done without opposition but she is spending even less time playing PC games than she could, despite having plenty of Play Time available, it is simply not being used.

Lisa, a homeschooling mom

Easy To Set Up And Track

Habyts is easy to set up and track. I like that you can add your own tasks & rewards. I can also track his progress in case he forgets to complete a task. I added brush teeth, make bed, leave on time. It was easy to add rewards…game time w/dad (5pts), movie (10pts), and dinner out his choice (30pts).

Chris C

Shut Down Internet

When I ask my son to do something and I hear him say from his bedroom to “hold on a second” I immediately shut down his access and he comes walking right out to see what I need. Or if he’s camping out in the bathroom after dinner instead of doing the dishes, shut down. Again, he comes right out. Perfect!

Kevin T

Turn Off The Internet

My two kids are constant users of Android phones, and tablets…I chose for my kids about 35 min for study time. If they get all the work done in this time they are done….I like the ability to simply turn off the internet from the kids.

Mike E

Study Time

Study time is excellent and great to know you can block sites and only use a specific time to study for your kids…It has all I need plus more [and] what they need for security.

Camille S

Study Time Increased And Social Media Decreased

I like knowing what my kids are doing on the computer without checking on them very often…I can monitor how long they do certain things on the computer. Study Time increased and social media decreased…I loved it!

Nicole D

Allows My Children To Be Independent

My son has ADHD so he can be distracted very easy…[Habyts] was easy to use and I like how the children can’t play their tablets without the task being done. I also [like] how they can see what task needs to be done. This makes it to where they can be more dependent.

Kayla A

Disable Usage Right Away

My son will just play any game he likes until the battery dies on the tablet and then move on to computer…Habyts is so easy to use and can be handy with a child who will not put down a device when asked.

Chris L

Helps Keep The Fussing And Fighting Down

[The study time feature] is very easy to use and understand…It makes the app stand out from others…really enjoyed using Habyts.
It helps keep the fussing and fighting down with my daughter.

Patty H

Really Like the Points & Reward System

My daughter seems to be on her tablet 24/7 and so do I! We’re both really savvy with technology! I really, really like the points and reward system. It worked really well for us! That’s the only way my daughter uses her tablet.

Amanda E


I don’t want their heads stuck in their devices all of the time and go to sites they should not…[I like] that the kids have the device access turned off without hassle…Because it gives the kids incentive to do what they are supposed to.

Charlene T

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