Habyts helps parents and schools set consistent screen time rules, remove homework distractions and motivate kids to finish tasks.

School Habytsmanages students during school

School Habyts
manages students during school

School Habyts manages student screen time, tasks, rewards and points during school hours on student devices.

Shared Habyts gives parent-only 24/7 insight of home and school

Shared Habyts
gives parent-only 24/7 insight of home and school

Shared Habyts supports a seamless transition between home and school with parent visibility of screen time use and assigned tasks.

Home Habytsmanages kids outside of school

Home Habyts
manages kids outside of school

Home Habyts helps parents automate screen time, remove homework distractions and motivate kids at home.

School Habyts: Get Your School on Board

Getting the most out of your child’s education with School Habyts

In a world of digital distractions, School Habyts gives students better focus, motivation and educational habits.

Our world is changing faster than ever. When used in the right way, technology can help prepare their children for the jobs of the future and help them succeed.

But without consistent structure at school and home, students struggle to develop digital maturity, delayed gratification and other essential habits.

Plus, when your school signs up for School Habyts, students have the potential to use Habyts at home and school.

Learn how to share School Habyts with your school.

Shared Habyts: Close the Loop

24 hour transparency for parents​

Parents can see via the browser a 24 hour view of student screen time at school and home on devices with Habyts.

No more wondering how much time your kids are spending on screens throughout the day.

Get real time visibility of and useful insight into usage and activity for you and your kids.

Track school tasks at home

Not sure what your teachers have asked your kids to do?  Not sure if your kids even know?

Now you, your kids and their teachers have the same view of what school tasks have been assigned, checked off by students and approved by teachers.

Clean and simple.

Home Habyts: Consistently Build Good Habits

From School to Shared to Home Habyts

Home Habyts helps parents manage screen time, remove homework distractions and motivate their kids….without nagging.  Our app gives kids the freedom to earn points, rewards and their screen time privileges.

Home Habyts makes it easier for parents to raise kids in a digital world of distraction and provides the peace of mind of knowing your kids are on the path to being responsible and motivated adults.  Learn more about Home Habyts.

Study Time

Home Habyts has many powerful features but Study Time is particularly relevant for parents concerned about education.

Study Time lets you block time-wasting apps, games and websites when your kids do homework – but still let them use educational apps and websites.

No more wondering, hovering or nagging when your kids have homework on the computer. So no Minecraft or YouTube while they’re using Wikipedia or Microsoft Word.

You can schedule Study Time for all day, at certain times, or turn it on with a click.  Learn more about Study Time.

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See how Habyts builds good habits

Available Anytime, Anywhere and Across Devices

Cross-network, Cross-function, Cross-platform, Cross-device…and even Offline.

  • Cross-Function: Screen time management and habit-building motivation – all in one app.
  • Cross Platform: Windows, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Amazon Fire
  • Cross Device: Phones, Tablets, Laptops
  • Cross-Network: 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
  • …and even Offline! No more watching downloaded videos and playing offline games during restricted hours.