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Free School Habyts for distance learning without distraction

In support of schools managing coronavirus-related school disruption, Habyts is giving away free use of School Habyts for distance and online learning, without distractions, anytime, anywhere, until end of May 2020.

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Habyts supports schools to help students succeed in a distracted world. Habyts automates and links the monitoring and management of digital content and devices, multi-OS filtering, student behavior, tasks, assessments, goals, and progress with a unique motivational system and collaborative foundation for students, guardians and educators.

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School Habyts is FREE until the end of May 2020.

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What’s included in this price?

  • Teachers can manage and motivate students on two devices per student at school.
  • Parents can monitor usage across these 2 managed devices for their child.


  • Give 10% of school families a Free Habyts Home Pack. Parents get home device management that covers 3 kids, up to 6 devices!

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Powerful Tech Anytime, Anywhere Across Devices

School Habytsmanages students during school

School Habyts
manages students during school

School Habyts manages student screen time, tasks, rewards and points during school hours on student devices.

  • Provides acceptable‑use compliance for agreed BYOD, 1:1 and personal mobile devices at school.
  • Delivers best‑practice duty of care, digital citizenship, positive behavior reinforcement and well‑being outcomes for your school.
Shared Habytsgives parents and students 24/7 insight

Shared Habyts
gives parents and students 24/7 insight

Shared Habyts are the services we provide for parents and schools to work together.

  • Schools manage and view devices only during school hours.
  • Parents can choose to have 24 hour visibility of their child’s total screen time and school task activity – at school, home, and everywhere in between.
  • Parents can even check off tasks assigned at school.
Home Habytsmanages kids outside of school

Home Habyts
manages kids outside of school

Home Habyts gives parents dynamic family management outside of school.

  • World‑leading screen time control, including Study Time which blocks digital distractions when kids use devices for homework and study.
  • Automated home task creation and management combined with an integrated motivational points and privileges system and more!

Questions You May Have

Does School Habyts work with Home Habyts?

Yes. Our School Habyts technology has been designed to work in harmony with our Home Habyts technology. In fact, more and more schools are recommending Habyts to parents to collaboratively manage screen time, tasks and rewards.

What happens after I submit my contact form stating my interest to Habyts?

We are excited to hear you are interested in Habyts for Schools.  A Habyts representative will be in touch.  For even greater convenience, you can also simply book a call here

What platforms does Habyts support?

Habyts for schools (or “School Habyts”) can control your child’s Google Chromebook, Windows PC (including laptops), Android phone or tablet, Amazon Fire and Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod when used at school. Habyts must be installed on each of the devices to be managed.​

You can access the Teacher Dashboard or Parent Dashboard from any device with a web browser.​

We are working on compatibility with Apple Macs and hope to have Habyts available on these devices soon!

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