The average screen time for 8- to 18-year-olds is more than twice the average time spent in school each year.

So what next?

  • We don’t want students to miss out on educational opportunities, whether online or off.
  • We don’t want parents to be afraid to set screen time limits or concerned that they lack the info to do so.
  • We don’t want schools devoting all their energy to dealing with screen time distraction.
  • We don’t want schools to miss the opportunity to reinforce positive student behaviors.

  • We want to help students develop essential life habits, such as digital maturity. persistence and delayed gratification.
  • We want to help parents work with schools to support screen limits and educational goals.
  • We want to help schools focus student attention and get kids to consistently finish their tasks.
  • We want to help schools teach crucial life skills so that kids can thrive in the 21st century.

The Internet is both an amazing resource and a total time-waster.

Digital technology has created a richer information environment but at the price of distracted students.

Most students get this. According to the Pew Research Center, 60% of teens—those between the ages of 13 to 17—say that spending too much time online is a “major” problem facing their age group, with about 9 in 10 teens dubbing it a problem.

More than half of teens (54%) say they spend too much time on their cellphones, and 41% say they overdo it on social media.

Habyts helps students develop essential habits to self-regulate screen use, finish tough tasks, earn privileges, be responsible citizens, and still have fun.

At School

  • No digital distractions in class
  • Earn rewards and privileges for finishing tasks
  • Easy school task tracking
  • Easy recognition/reward tracking
  • Habytars collection

At Home

  • No digital distractions during homework
  • Freedom to manage your own screen entertainment time – within limits
  • Earn rewards and privileges for finishing tasks
  • Easy home task and reward task tracking
  • Habytars collection

“Some days when I don’t use all my play time on days, it’s mostly because I find other activities to do that don’t involve electronics, like riding my bike or playing my piano. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not trying to sit in front of a computer all day, I’m going to do other things with the world around me, and enjoy life equally.”

Habyts Home User

BONUS: A Message for Kids & Teens at Home

Habyts was designed to give young people the tools to make smart digital decisions and learn responsible independence.

Kids and teens have the freedom to earn points, rewards and their screen time privileges while learning good habits.

Habyts lets young people show how they can balance homework, chores and other tasks with screen time — you’ll get your parents off your back and earn privileges for managing your tech wisely.

See the Habyts Home perspective for kids and teens.

How Habyts Can Help You Manage Your Parents

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle​

Powerful Tech Anytime, Anywhere Across Devices

School Habytsmanages students during school

School Habyts
manages students during school

School Habyts manages student screen time, tasks, rewards and points during school hours on student devices.

  • Provides acceptable‑use compliance for agreed BYOD, 1:1 and personal mobile devices at school.
  • Delivers best‑practice duty of care, digital citizenship, positive behavior reinforcement and well‑being outcomes for your school.
Shared Habytsgives parents and students 24/7 insight

Shared Habyts
gives parents and students 24/7 insight

Shared Habyts are the services we provide for parents and schools to work together.

  • Schools manage and view devices only during school hours.
  • Parents can choose to have 24 hour visibility of their child’s total screen time and school task activity – at school, home, and everywhere in between.
  • Parents can even check off tasks assigned at school.
Home Habytsmanages kids outside of school

Home Habyts
manages kids outside of school

Home Habyts gives parents dynamic family management outside of school.

  • World‑leading screen time control, including Study Time which blocks digital distractions when kids use devices for homework and study.
  • Automated home task creation and management combined with an integrated motivational points and privileges system and more!