Habyts is transforming how teachers manage screen time, reinforce positive student behaviors & engage with parents.

Focus Student Attention & Control Screen Time

Real-time visibility

Provide real-time visibility of student access and activity for screen time, tasks, and rewards.

Consistently stay on top of what individual and groups of students are viewing and doing in your class.

Granular Content Control

Allow or block specific sites and apps

Give kids on the spot access to or instantly block any site you choose, without having to talk to IT.

Automated Screen Time Schedules

Automate schedules in line with school timetables to restrict or allow screen time access across devices used in school, including BYOD.

Teachers and schools don’t have to worry about screen time access fitting into timetable requirements throughout the day.

Website Category Filtering

Allow or block pre-defined website categories that are harmful or distracting.

Automatically protect your students from thousands of harmful or distracting sites.

Pause Everything

Instantly pause all screen time and device usage.

Instantly focus class attention – and stop those digital distractions – with a tap or a click.

Allow Free Play

Allow on the spot access to specific sites or categories for a certain time.

Manage a classroom situation or reward your students on the spot with a bit of screen time.

Keep Time Across Devices

Tracks time across devices.

Make sure student screen time stays within limits across all devices at school.

Make Your Day More Productive & Effective

Teacher Dashboard

The one-stop-shop for teachers to manage student screen time, tasks, points and rewards.

Saves time and effort so busy teachers can focus more on teaching and student outcomes.

Control From Anywhere

Use the browser from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to view and manage student activity.

Give teachers the freedom to step away from the desk and use any device to stay in control wherever they are – or their students happen to be.

Add Your Own Groups

Create tailored groups of students and apply controls and other parameters to these groups as needed.

Makes it easier for teachers to manage students by the groups in which they teach them, eg a reading level set, seating arrangement, or special requirements.

Automated Tracking

Automate the tracking of screen time usage and tasks.

Save time spent on pen/paper or excel spreadsheets. No more lost planners or time trackers. Get accurate data in real time so that you can act with confidence.

Smart Reporting

Drill down into detail or view aggregated reports of screen time usage and tasks

Stay on top of what’s going on, uncover useful patterns or better understand individual activity.

Student Dashboard

The student one-stop-shop to view their screen time usage, manage tasks, track points and more.

Empower students and teach accountability by letting them see their screen time usage, manage their own tasks and track their own points.

Finish Tasks & Reinforce Positive Behavior

Create and assign school tasks for completion.

Create new school tasks (or duplicate and revise current ones) for students to complete and request digital approval.

Save time and effort assigning and managing assigned tasks using digital approvals.

Student Completion Notes

Set notes for student feedback on a task to be optional or required, if desired.

Gain valuable insight and updates from individual students on each assignment: how did they progress, were there any issues, etc?

Complete Tasks for Points for Rewards and Privileges​

Optionally assign a number of points for completing a task to earn a privilege. Points can vary by task, individual or group.

Motivate students to finish their tasks by earning points for rewards and privileges.​

Tailored Task Deadlines

Set a daily or one time only task as well as an expiry date as needed.

Maintain student accountability with clear deadlines that flex to teacher requirements.

Flexible Completion Approvals & Check-off

Define whether a task must be checked off by a teacher or a student to be considered complete.

As your students develop, you can define the appropriate level of accountability and management per task.

Star Charts & Other Visual Symbols

Choose from stars, check marks and smiley faces to visually denote student progress, as desired.

Maintain your way of working with popular visual symbols of progress such as stars, check marks and smiley faces.

Points for Specific Privileges (targeted points)

Connect certain tasks to certain buckets of points targeted to particular rewards or privileges.

Focus student efforts by connecting particular tasks to collecting points for particular rewards or privileges. Great for tailoring tasks to specific student needs or group-wide initiatives.

Follow-up on Progress & Close the Loop at Home

24-Hour Transparency

Only parents can see via the browser a 24-hour view of student screen time at school and home on devices with Habyts.

No more questions about how much time students are spending on screens throughout the day. Parents get real time visibility of and useful insight into screen time usage and student activity.

Track School Tasks at Home

Parents can view Tasks assigned by teachers to students – and can even check them off if needed.

Now you, your students and their parents/guardians have the same view of what school tasks have been assigned, checked off by students and approved by teachers.

Study Time*

Block time-wasting apps, games and websites when students do homework – but still let them use educational apps and websites.

Parents no longer have to wonder, hover or nag when kids have homework on the computer. So no Minecraft or YouTube while they’re using Wikipedia or Microsoft Word. Parents can schedule Study Time for all day, at certain times, or turn it on with a click.

Habyts helps parents manage screen time, remove homework distractions and motivate their kids….without nagging. Our app gives kids the freedom to earn points, rewards and their screen time privileges.

Making it easier for parents to raise kids in a digital world of distraction and providing the peace of mind of knowing your kids are on the path to being responsible and motivated adults.

Full Parent Dashboard*

Goes beyond viewing in Shared Habyts to managing and motivating at home.

360 degree parenting effectiveness.

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Full Child Dashboard*

Goes beyond school time tasks in Shared Habyts to earning points and privileges at home.

The opportunity to show that you know what you’re doing – and get rewarded for it!

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* Home Habyts is available at a discount price when purchased as a part of School Habyts.​

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