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Not sure what screen time rules to put in place? No worries! Simply choose one of our Quick Start Templates and we’ll set it up for you.

Select one of the issues below and click ‘More Info’ to preview the screen time routine. Then hit ‘Start Now’ to sign up for Habyts with your initial template in place automatically! Screen time has never been easier!

Tough Digital Transitions

Reduce conflicts and create a structured routine with a daily screen time allowance.

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Homework Distractions

Block access to on-screen entertainment until homework has been completed.

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Screen Time Default (No Balance)

Balance screen time with other activities. Stop it from becoming the go-to activity by default.  

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Ignores the Chores

Stop screen time entitlement. Only allow screen time after completing tasks and chores.

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Just Need Awareness

Simply monitor screen time use and help your kids learn how to self-regulate.

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Academic Challenges

Stop academic distractions in the week by assigning screen time play to weekends only.

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Activity-Shy & Screen-Heavy

Is your child overly engaged in digital media? Teach them to transition to other activities.

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Mindless Content

Help kids focus less on digital entertainment only and more on educational games and content.

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Define Your Habyts

Set screen time limits on your own terms! Customise a routine that suits your kids.

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Still not sure which to choose?

Take our popular Screen Score Quiz to help you identify the right screen time routine to suit your child.