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So what is Habyts?

Habyts is the app that shows your parents you can handle your tech. We give you the tools to make smart digital decisions and learn responsible independence.

Automatically prove to your parents that you can balance homework, chores and other tasks with your screen time — you’ll get your parents off your back and earn privileges for managing your tech wisely.

Because Habyts helps YOU take charge of your tech – so it doesn’t take charge of YOU.

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Your Top Ten Questions Answered

What’s in it for me?

Habyts helps show your parents that you can take responsibility for your own screen time. Automatically prove to them that you can balance homework, chores and other tasks with your screen time — you’ll get your parents off your back and earn privileges for managing your tech wisely.

Will Habyts restrict my screen time?

It’s up to you and your parents to decide how much screen time is set up in Habyts. Our advice? Be next to your parents when they download Habyts, so you get a say in how much screen time makes sense.

Can my parents see all the websites I visited?

If they want to, your parents can take a look at the daily reports section which shows them the websites you’ve been on that day. It’s exactly the same as if they looked at your browsing history.

Will my parents see my private messages?

Nope! Habyts shows your parents what apps and websites you’ve been on, but not any of the information within those apps. If your parents believe you ready for a phone, tablet or computer, we think you’re old enough to be entitled to some privacy.

Will Habyts ruin my gaming?

Habyts can actually improve your gaming experience. We know it’s a challenge when screen time is almost up and you need to finish a level or save play. So we created a special time extension called Fiver for you, so that when you’re playing a game and you just need an extra few minutes to get to the end of that level, you can claim your fiver and play on for 5 minutes. This beats having your parents just unplug the router and lose all your progress. We know you can’t just “pause” an online game! Habyts will also only block games if your parents choose to block them (for example, when you need to do your homework).

Will Habyts screw up my device?

Nope! We’ve made sure Habyts is as invisible as possible. You’ll know when it’s Study Time as some apps will disappear from your phone, but they’ll come back when your free time is scheduled in.

Will it slow my computer down?

Not at all! Habyts runs in real-time, which means you won’t notice any more difference to the speed of your computer than you usually would.

Does anyone else use Habyts?

Well, there are millions of kids (and parents) that have screen time controls. But remember, you’re lucky if your parents are considering Habyts — because you can get rewarded for managing your own screen time effectively.

Can other kids see it installed?

Only if you show them. Habyts will sit on your smartphone, tablet and laptop like any other app. You can just move the icon from the home screen to somewhere else if you don’t want anyone to see it.

Can I uninstall Habyts?

Sure, but your parents will get a notification telling them you’ve uninstalled it. If you’re not happy with your Habyts rules, have a talk with them about it first. That way you can avoid an argument!

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Rule Your Tech Before It Rules You.
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