Parental controls for Windows Computers

  • Regulates screen time
  • Eliminates homework distractions
  • Motivates your kids… without nagging

Habyts parental controls for Windows laptops and desktops provide a simple and transparent way to manage screen time and access to apps and websites. Habyts limits screen time for play and blocks out distracting apps and websites when your kids are supposed to be doing homework. Habyts also integrates tasks and rewards, encouraging kids to do their chores.

No more excessive and inappropriate screen use throughout the day – and night. No more struggles to get off screens or wondering if your kids are actually doing homework on the computer. No more frustration with unfinished chores or incomplete tasks.

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Unglue your kids from their screens...
and let them earn their privileges

Easily enforce sensible Time Limits & Schedules

Filter harmful websites & Protect Your Kids

Apply rules & time limits... Across Multiple Devices

Use Reports to See What They're Doing

Block out hard-to-resist Homework Distractions

Require daily Tasks to be Done...Before Screen Time

Use Rewards to Encourage Responsibility

Stay in control - by phone or browser Wherever You Are

Windows parental controls include safe browsing, app blocking, study time controls (educational apps and websites only), detailed reporting tools, and integration with tasks and rewards.

Habyts parental controls for Windows integrates with other devices too. Your child’s phone and tablet (either Android or Apple) can be managed at the same time, and seamlessly be subject to the same time and access controls as the Windows device. The Play time allowance on the various devices adds up, eliminating device-hopping. Restrictions on Studytime distractions for one device automatically apply to others too.

Once a parent account has been set up (click on Get Habyts at the top of this page), the parental control app for Windows PCs can be installed from the Habyts website.

See why parents love Habyts


I don't want their heads stuck in their devices all of the time and go to sites they should not...[I like] that the kids have the device access turned off without hassle…Because it gives the kids incentive to do what they are supposed to.

Charlene T

Easy To Set Up And Track

Habyts is easy to set up and track. I like that you can add your own tasks & rewards. I can also track his progress in case he forgets to complete a task. I added brush teeth, make bed, leave on time. It was easy to add rewards…game time w/dad (5pts), movie (10pts), and dinner out his choice (30pts).

Chris C

Really Like the Points & Reward System

My daughter seems to be on her tablet 24/7 and so do I! We're both really savvy with technology! I really, really like the points and reward system. It worked really well for us! That's the only way my daughter uses her tablet.

Amanda E

Helps Keep The Fussing And Fighting Down

[The study time feature] is very easy to use and understand…It makes the app stand out from others…really enjoyed using Habyts. It helps keep the fussing and fighting down with my daughter.

Patty H

Disable Usage Right Away

My son will just play any game he likes until the battery dies on the tablet and then move on to computer...Habyts is so easy to use and can be handy with a child who will not put down a device when asked.

Chris L

Allows My Children To Be Independent

My son has ADHD so he can be distracted very easy...[Habyts] was easy to use and I like how the children can't play their tablets without the task being done. I also [like] how they can see what task needs to be done. This makes it to where they can be more dependent.

Kayla A

Study Time Increased And Social Media Decreased

I like knowing what my kids are doing on the computer without checking on them very often...I can monitor how long they do certain things on the computer. Study Time increased and social media decreased...I loved it!

Nicole D

Study Time

Study time is excellent and great to know you can block sites and only use a specific time to study for your kids...It has all I need plus more [and] what they need for security.

Camille S

Turn Off The Internet

My two kids are constant users of Android phones, and tablets...I chose for my kids about 35 min for study time. If they get all the work done in this time they are done....I like the ability to simply turn off the internet from the kids.

Mike E

When I ask my son to do something and I hear him say from his bedroom to "hold on a second" I immediately shut down his access and he comes walking right out to see what I need. Or if he's camping out in the bathroom after dinner instead of doing the dishes, shut down. Again, he comes right out.…

Kevin T


My kids were more interested in competing with each other with the Rewards feature… It was great having them doing something together and having fun.

Nicole D

The Perfect Solution

Habyts is the perfect solution...I love how it teaches my child how to manage time and use educational websites and still have time for fun. [For Rewards], I added do some baking together, read with me, have an ice cream, play my favorite board game…all valued at 5 Points.

Camille S

Need to manage more than one type of device?
Habyts controls them all at the same time, seamlessly.


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