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Spin the Habyts Wheel of Chores & Rewards

Not sure what chores to set? Or rewards to offer? Or just want to add a bit of fun for you and your kids?

Then let your kids spin the Habyts Wheel of Chores & Rewards! You can input your own items into the wheel, use our age-specific chore wheels, or let the wheel randomly select a list of chores and rewards for the spin.

Habyts Wheel of Chores

Select from the options below to start our chores wheel

Create Your Own

Feeling creative? Click the button below to create your own list of chores for the board!

Preset Chores & Rewards

Choose from our curated lists of chores and rewards.


Having trouble deciding? Need some inspiration? Just click the button below for a random selection of helpful chores!
Random Chores