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  • Are you looking for a chance to share your perspective and insight with parents and educators?
  • Are you an experienced blogger keen to grow your reach with the right audience?
  • Or have you just always wanted to try blogging but weren’t sure how?

It can be frustrating to have something to share and nowhere to share it. But here at Habyts we can help!

Just follow the guidelines below and send us your article for review and approval.  We look forward to hearing from you!

About the Habyts blog

Our community is home to a group of passionate parents and educators specifically interested in the often challenging intersection between school, home, technology and habits. In essence, they want to know how guardians, educators and the community can raise confident, happy and successful kids.

We publish a new blog every week and broadcast it to our followers via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Topics of interest

We’re looking for stimulating blogs on the following topics:

  • Digital Family Life (technology’s influence on modern parenting and children)
  • Education and Homework
  • Teaching
  • School Topics*
  • Habits
  • Healthy Living and Well-being
  • Parenting
  • Self Improvement
  • Learning Differences
  • Routine and Structure
  • Tasks and Chores
  • Timely Topics (blogs coinciding with  events, special days, anniversaries or current news topics)
  • Things to do (guides, activity ideas etc)

*Examples of “hot” school topics includes SEL, PBIS, school safety, technology in the classroom, class size, parent engagement, and many more!

We recommend you discuss a topic idea first prior to writing and submitting a blog. See the section below on How to Submit Your Article.

Formats accepted

To ensure we continue to offer our readers variety, we like the following blog formats:

  • Quick Wins – Image heavy, easy to follow ‘how to’ guides and accompanying text (up to 500 words in length)
  • Essay – Posts about a particular topic up to 1000 words in length.
  • Infographics – Creatively display facts and information about a particular topic. Please include a brief narrative to accompany your infographic (up to 300 words in length).
  • Listicle – Information presented in numerical format that is quick, clear and simple to read and share (up to 500 words in length).
  • Picture post – A post consisting prominently of photographs and supporting text about a particular event or activity (up to 300 words in length).

Please remember that all posts should be relevant to one of our topics of interest.

Submission Guidelines

What is the general criteria for posts that get accepted? See below:

  • Tone: We like posts that are fun, insightful, practical and support the positive parenting ethos of Habyts.
  • Length: Generally speaking, posts are between 300-1000 words in length depending upon the blog format. See ‘Types of blog post accepted’ for more information.
  • Subheadings: All essay posts should contain at least one subheading to help break up the text body for readers.
  • Originality: They must be 100% original to Habyts (i.e. find nowhere else on the web or in print).
  • Content: We like originality but the posts must be on a relevant to our topics and cannot be used as advertising in any shape or form.
  • Editing: We reserve the right to edit any blog or article submitted to Habyts.
  • Photos: Please provide an image with your blog post. When submitting the image, ensure it is of high quality and can be used under Creative Commons Zero usage rights. When submitting  an image, please include the authors name and the website you sourced it from.
  • Bio: Posts may include a 2-3 line bio which includes a hyperlink back to your blog, website, social media page etc.
  • Author Profile image: Please include a photograph of yourself to be displayed alongside your bio.
  • Exclusivity: Accepted authors must acknowledge that any material that is published on the blog becomes the sole property of Habys and may not be recreated or republished by the author without our strict permission.  (Please note that if you just want to share a link with us that you believe is relevant for Habyts to mention and link to, then please share the link via contact us).

How to send us your article

Send us your post via email  at content@habyts.com. The post should include:

  • Title
  • Meta Description (For more information click here).
  • Article photograph (Please ensure it is of high quality and can be used under Creative Commons Zero usage rights).
  • Bio (with pic <10 kb)
  • Twitter Account (if you have one).

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!