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  • How to Handle Screen Time & Schoolwork with Confidence

    Need a screen time routine that works now that the kids are back at school?

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  • How to Introduce Screen Time Rules for Your Kids!

    Not sure where to begin when it comes to setting up screen rules? Our guide gives you the practical steps & support to positively introduce a screen routine to your child… and make it work for your family.

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    If you feel like your kids are glued to their screens and you have no idea where to start when it comes to “parental controls”, this is the challenge for you. 📱💻

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  • 32 Screen Time Tips For Success

    Starting out on your screen time journey? Need some tips to help you get started? Our 32 tips are daily reminders you can easily implement every day!

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  • Explore the Fast-Track Habyts Product Tour

    Take a guided tour of Habyts and see how easy it is to use the Parent Dashboard to set Schedules, grant Play Time & encourage Study Time! You’ll also learn how to set Tasks & Chores, and when your kids have done well – motivate them with Rewards!

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  • Prep your Home for Screen Time Success

    Don’t let your home undo all your hard efforts tackling screen time! Check out these six hacks that favour face-to-face interaction and shared activities rather than screen time!

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  • Habyts For Kids!

    How to explain Habyts to kids! How it works, what it does, and what it doesn’t do laid out in a lingo your kids will understand.

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  • 14 Positive Phrases for Taming the Gaming

    Wish your kids would stop asking for “5 more minutes” or to “just finish this level”? Learn this proven technique that just might help!

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Screen Time Solution

    Here’s your no-nonsense guide to choosing a screen time solution. We do away with confusing jargon and focus on exactly what you need to know.  Download it now for FREE!

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  • Activities For Kids Search Tool

    Looking for fun things for your kids to do? Or age-appropriate chores to learn? Beat the boredom and build good habits with games, crafts, rewards, and activities for kids of all ages.

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