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  • 14 Positive Phrases to Start TAMING the GAMING…without Blaming or Shaming

    Take the emotion out of daily conflicts – and stop the unhealthy cycle of nagging, blaming & shaming when it comes to gaming. Reconnect with your distracted kids – so they stop being overly sucked in by addictive online games and virtual worlds.

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  • Take the Habyts Screen Score Quiz!

    Find out the right rules and routines for YOUR child (in less than 2 minutes).  Take the Quiz to find out your child’s level of screen dependency and its potential impact.  Then immediately receive your free Screen Score Report & specific Screen Routine Recommendations to help your child soar!

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  • Wheel of Chores & Rewards

    Not sure what chores to set? Or rewards to offer? Or just want to add a bit of fun for you and your kids?

    Then let your kids spin the Habyts Wheel of Chores & Rewards! You can input your own items into the wheel, use our age-specific chore wheels, or let the wheel randomly select a list of chores and rewards for the spin.

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  • Activity Finder

    Looking for fun things for your kids to do? Or age-appropriate chores to learn?

    Beat the boredom and build good habits with games, crafts, rewards, and activities for kids of all ages.

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