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With Habyts, we asked the question: “How can we turn managing family screen time into a positive experience, while using screen time itself to motivate kids to do what needs to be done?”

We set out to create a next generation app that combined positive screen time management with practical motivational techniques to help kids develop independence, self-management and essential life habits.  The concept was simple: create an automated and flexible system to let kids earn their screen time privileges and other non-screen rewards.

As a team, we shared a vision to help kids build essential habits for life in a distracted world.

That’s why, it is with a very full heart that I write that the Habyts app will not be available to use after June 22, 2020.
(Thankfully, our Habyts blog and certain resources, such as the chores wheel, will continue to exist for now.)

Words do not properly express how sad this is and how much we will miss everyone that made the Habyts app so unique and special. Many of our users told us incredible stories about Habyts helping them with difficult family situations.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve such an inspiring community and we sincerely apologize for this sudden news.

Creating Habyts has been a hard but heart-warming experience.  Ultimately, we did not have the traction and funding needed to make it to the next level amid the serious competition that already exists in the space. While the Habyts app will no longer be available, we are hopeful that some part of the Habyts experience will live on.

You can read our Habyts FAQ here.

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”
– Aristotle