See Habyts New and Improved Child Dashboard: Screen time controls made simple!

See Habyts New and Improved Child Dashboard: Screen time controls made simple!

More news here from Habyts Headquarters. We’ve just launched a shiny new child dashboard. Screen time controls have never been so simple or pretty!


What’s changed?


Now it’s even easier for kids to see:


  1. What tasks they need to complete to get more screen time
  2. The rewards they can claim when they complete these tasks
  3. A summary of how much play time and points they have left.


New Child Dashboard Nav Bar




New Child Dashboard To Do plus Header on Mobile There are two types of Tasks, ones that need approval and ones that don’t!


Once they complete their task, kids simply tick the box on the right. If it doesn’t require approval, the task will just disappear from their list for the day.


If the task requires adult approval, the box on the right will turn orange with three dots. Once it’s been approved, this task will also disappear from their daily task list.


As you can see in our example, make your bed also stops screen Play Time until it’s been approved. Once approval has been given, Play Time will be available once again!




New Child Dashboard RewardsIn this section, kids can easily see which rewards are up for grabs by completing their tasks above.


Once they’ve earned enough points, it’s up to you (the parents) to give them the reward. These points will then be deducted from their overall total and they can start building up points again for new rewards!


Remember: you can also manually award points to your kids for good behaviour and excellent grades!




New Child Dashboard Summary Time and Points Each day, your child will also see how many minutes they have left to use for Play Time on their device. Remember, this Play Time works across all their devices that have Habyts registered, so one hour Play Time really means one hour!


They’ll also be able to see how many points they have left to ask you for rewards or extra screen time (if you’ve allowed that option).


We think making sure daily tasks and rewards part of screen time make it even easier to create good habits for kids when it comes to screen time.


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