Introducing Family View – See The Full Picture

It can be a struggle keeping track of a large family’s screen time, or a medium-sized family come to think of it. And small families don’t exactly have it easy!

What we are saying is that when it comes to screen time, keeping track of all the kids (and parents!) across all their different devices can be a real headache.

That’s why we created Family View…

What is Family View?

Family View provides an instant snapshot of family activity on one screen.

It also encourages a shared family screen time journey by allowing parents to monitor their own screen time use (if desired) and share progress in the Family Scoreboard (within limits).

Family View also introduces a new set of features for both parents and kids including Monitor Me and Family Scorecard.  Stay tuned to to find out more about these handy new features over the coming weeks.

Where do I find Family View?

You can go straight to Family View by hitting the Family View icon found on the left of the orange title bar.

Or you can navigate to it by scrolling all the way left on the user bar.

And there’s more…

There are lots of helpful new features and updates to come! Check back here each week on for details or sign up to receive our weekly newsletter.

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