Introducing – My Habytar Collection

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – especially when it comes to screen time and chores!

At Habyts, our core philosophy has always been to help parents teach kids positive screen time habits. That’s why we work so hard to create tools like  Tasks and Rewards, Five More Minutes and Bonus Playtime.

The more we help kids buy into Habyts and use the Child Dashboard, the easier it is for parents to manage family screen time.

That’s why in our latest update we’re adding our super new Habytar Collection to the Child Dashboard!

Collect Them All!

Habytars are our own quirky little characters that you might have seen popping up around the app.

To make completing Tasks more rewarding, we’ve added a cool little game for kids. Each time they complete a task, kids have a chance to unlock a new Habytar to add to their collection.

Look out for quirky characters like Morag the Witch or Brown Beard Bob (arrrr!!!). And who will be lucky enough to unlock one of the Uncommon or Rare characters?

How to Start Collecting Habytars

When your child logs in to their Child Dashboard, they will see their new Habytar collection on the home screen. Everyone gets two Habytars to kickstart their collection, but from then on, they must be earned.

Each day they have a chance to unlock a new Habytar when they complete a task (up to a maximum of two per day).

In their Habytar Collection, kids can see how many Habytars they’ve collected and put their favourites on top. Double clicking on a Habytar lets you see the character’s personal bio.

And there’s more…

This is just the start. We will be adding more Habytars all the time and expanding what kids can do with them. Check back here each week on for details or sign up to receive our weekly newsletter.

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