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More Habytars to love

Question: What would help you to do your daily Tasks?

Answer from a child using Habyts:

“this isnt on topic, but please ADD MORE HABYTARS! i only need one more, and theyre really fun to collect.”

There’s no question – kids love the Habytars in Habyts! 

And so do parents!  Habytars are an easy way to motivate kids to complete tasks – and parents don’t have to do anything extra.  When a child completes a Task, they have the option to see if they have earned a Habytar (this is done automatically by Habyts).

Sometimes they win a Habytar and sometimes they don’t. Gamifying the task is part of the fun!

Each of the Habytars are a set of characters who have inhabited our Habyts software since we launched! Nobody is sure where they have come from, but they occupy the Child Dashboard. 

Now for the really great news – we’ve just introduced a huge new batch of Habytars for your kids!  We now have more than 50 to collect, each with their own personality. 

Here are 3 to get them excited!

We’ll stop there so we don’t spoil the surprise!  (But you may want to get some new tasks ready ????)

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