New Year, New Habyts – January 2019 Update

While everybody was eating too much and playing with their shiny new presents over the holiday break, our dedicated, diligent, development elves were hard at work in the Habyts grotto (we did let them out briefly for half a mince pie).

They have been crafting loads of new features, bug fixes and improving the user experience, based on the feedback from our wonderful community.

**Please update your Habyts app**

(on all your devices, as soon as possible)

Family Focused

At Habyts, our mission has always been to help families manage their screen time more effectively. Last time we checked parents are a pretty important part of the family unit!

So we’ve introduced some handy new tools to help the WHOLE family work together to manage their screen time. It’s a lot easier to get buy-in from your kids, when they see you monitoring your own screen time!

Family View

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Family View provides an instant snapshot of family activity.  It also encourages a shared family screen time journey by allowing parents to monitor their own screen time use (if desired) and share progress in the Family Scoreboard (within limits).

Family View also brings a new set of features for both parents and kids.

  • Monitor Me – Monitor Me lets parents monitor their own screen time usage – but only if desired. Find out more>
  • Family Scoreboard – The Family Scoreboard allows the whole family to stay inspired by sharing stats and progress (within limits). The scorecard is colour-coded for easy reading. Pink shows when a family member has exceeded their daily screen-time allowance, blue-green when they still have some of their daily allowance to use and grey to show the family member is not participating in the scorecard that day.  Find out more>
  • View the Whole Family on One Screen – Parents can view an instant snapshot of family activity on one screen. Find out more>


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We’ve significantly expanded our notifications across platforms so that you are always on top of what’s your kids are up to.  Relax – now you won’t miss a thing!

Fast Copy

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Take a look at our updated feature to easily assign the same schedules and activities to all your kids at once. Don’t want to retype the same stuff for each child? Now give them all the SAME chores, routines & rules – with just a click!

From the schedule screen, select the child and copy the schedule over. Quick and easy!

Habyts on Fire

Just a reminder that Habyts is available on Amazon Kindle Fire devices. Grab your Fire device and visit

Facebook Sign-Up

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You can now sign up for Habyts using your Facebook account with just a few clicks.

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