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School Habyts can help your teachers help you at home

Homes and school are in it together – like never before. 

Parents and teachers are working closely together on a daily basis and feeling enormous pressure in these uncertain times.

As we serve both families and schools, we at Habyts see that pain. With close family and friends in the teaching community, we understand the challenges.  As parents ourselves with kids across the age spectrum, we experience similar frustrations.

That is why, in support of schools managing coronavirus-related school disruption, Habyts is offering the free use of School Habyts for remote instruction and online learning, without distractions, anytime, anywhere, until at least the end of May 2020.

That is also why we ask that if you are a parent or teacher please help us reach school leaders with our offer to help by sharing this link.  If you are a school leader managing closure, please tell us how we can help.

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