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School Habyts: Save Time on Remote Instruction, Prep and Engagement

When it comes to homeschooling due to school closures, time is a tricky beast.

For parents, there are huge stretches of time to fill for their kids, alongside limited time to manage work requirements and supervise homeschooling.  

Here are three links that might help parents: here, here and here.

For teachers, there are also new and significant types of time challenges.  While many juggle the same parenting challenges mentioned above, teachers are also having to figure out how time works with emergency remote instruction and distance learning.  

How do teachers get the most out of the time they can spend online with students?   How do they create the precious time needed to emotionally connect with students? And the critical time needed to prepare lessons that will keep students motivated, without being overwhelmed?  Or the time required to get up to speed on tech? As well as the time parents need for support?  

For a teacher, the hours disappear even more very quickly than when schools were physically open.

We believe that School Habyts can help in the current environment.  When speaking with schools, we often focus on how Habyts simplifies classroom management and distance learning by controlling student screens (anytime, anywhere) while flexibly connecting and managing tasks, assignments, targets, behavior, goals, and rewards, all in one place.

But today we just want to focus how School Habyts can put teachers back in control of TIME.

Below are 8 basic ways that School Habyts can save teachers time on remote instruction, preparation and engagement while building greater balance and more energy to support students and families at home.

Remote Instruction and Classroom Management

1) Save time lost to DISTRACTION by controlling student devices during remote instruction.  No more digital distractions from websites or apps that divert a student’s attention from what you need to teach.

2) Save time lost to DISRUPTION by pressing Pause when students wander off-topic (even if they are on the right sites) and you need to regain their attention.  You can pause one student, a group of students or the whole class.

3) Save time lost to DIVERSION by getting your students all on the same website at the same time using Open Tab in Habyts. Just look at the Teacher Dashboard to see what each student is working on and ensure they are still on task.

Preparation Time and Student Follow-up

4) Save critical prep time lost to DUPLICATION by easily setting, replicating and checking individual and class progress on tasks, assignments, targets, behaviors, goals and rewards in one location on Habyts. Understanding that students may have unique development paths, Habyts even makes it easy for teachers to tailor items to specifically to fit each student’s needs.

5) Save time lost to REPETITION by having students remind themselves of what needs to be done while monitoring their own daily progress. Habyts makes this easy to do by providing one place in the Student Dashboard for students to view all their class or individualized tasks, assignments, targets, behaviors, goals and rewards.

Engagement and Transparency

6) Save time playing TELEPHONE, SOCIAL MEDIA OR EMAIL TAG by communicating with parents through Habyts. In the Parent Dashboard, parents can see their child’s daily progress against goals and targets, check daily homework assignments and even send back notes to the teacher about the completion of school-related work. This cuts down on teacher time having to deliver basic updates, allows greater transparency for parents, and lets teachers and parents work better together on student development.

7) Save time lost to DISCONNECTED DATA by letting principals and administrators check the Teacher and Student Dashboards to see whole class progress and individual student progress. This cuts down on having to meet with teachers for administrative updates which in turn frees time to focus on key objectives.

Balance and Well-being

8) Save precious time and energy lost to TOOL HOPPING by being able to do all of the things mentioned above in one location in Habyts, instead of jumping between tools to communicate with parents and students, prepare schoolwork, and teach a remote class. 

Teachers have a lot to take on right now – all while managing their own mental health and home life during these uncertain times.

We’d like to help.  Because we’re in it together.

Special Note

In support of schools managing coronavirus-related school disruption, Habyts is giving away free use of School Habyts for remote instruction and online learning, without distractions, anytime, anywhere, until at least the end of May 2020.

That is also why we ask that if you are a parent or teacher please help us reach school leaders with our offer to help by sharing this link.  If you are a school leader managing closures, please tell us how we can help.

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