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Screen Time Quiz: Find a better screen routine for your family

53% of parents worry too much screen time during lockdown could make children addicted.

Genna Ash, Education Technology

Are you keen to put some rules in place to manage your child’s screen time, but not sure do you start? 

Are you trying to tackle specific issues, but aren’t clear what rules and routines make sense?  

Now, it’s even more confusing with distance learning thrown into the mix. 

“[During the current lockdown], only 12% of parents claimed that their children were using screens for learning.”

Genna Ash, Education Technology

Need Some Answers?

Click here to learn your Child’s Screen Score and receive free Screen Routine Report & Recommendations.

Long before the current pandemic, we developed The Habyts® Screen Score™ to help parents identify solutions for specific screen time issues.  

The Habyts® Screen Score™ is a simple quiz designed  to determine a child’s level of screen dependency based on temperament, motivation, family attitudes, challenges, and other key factors.

When you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll receive a Screen Routine Report & Recommendations to help parents and caregivers identify solutions for specific screen time issues. 

Our goal is to help kids develop sensible tech habits for life.

To take the quiz, just click here.

Once you’ve taken the quiz, please let us know if your report has helped set a Screen Time Routine for your family?  Or, if you have a great routine we can share with our community, tell us at contact@habyts.com 

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