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Where are we with screen time fundamentals?

“…some of the very same distractions I deal with in school, such as receiving texts from friends or my phone serving as a distraction in and of itself — seem much harder to resist at home.”

Aliyah Rogers, NY*

Even during uncertain times, some fundamentals don’t change.  

You may need to adjust some screen time rules for the current COVID-19 situation, but the underlying approach of having consistent rules and routines is essential, especially when so much else feels uncertain for our young people. 

Yes, we need to be more thoughtful in our screen time rules and routines during school closures.  For example, kids will likely need more screen time for school and general entertainment while parents are working from home.  

Yes, we need to recognize the different values between school media use, creative media use and passive media use.  

But yes, we still need to remember that excessive screen time and digital distractions can create issues for kids and teens.

At Habyts, we know that creating essential rules and routines is still relevant and potentially more important than ever.  The key is for parents to be practical about what works for your situation and then be consistent in the way you implement thse rules and routines.  (You can even build often-needed flexibility into your schedules and routines.)

To help you re-set those fundamentals and bring your kids onboard with you, we are re-sharing our “Preparing your Kids for Screen Time Success!” series.  

Enjoy the full series in the link below as well as a bonus article on potential adjustments to build into your digital parenting right now.

*Source: NY Times, April 9, 2020, What Students Are Saying About Remote Learning.

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