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5 Recommended Resources for Parents Feeling the Pressure

After a long few months of pandemic pressures and uncertainty, it’s easy to lose that parenting mojo.  (I know I’ve been there!)  So, here are a few of the resources I’ve used – or intend to try – to keep me moving, motivated and sane!

FREE PODCAST: EXTRAORDINARY Family Life Podcast with Greg Denning


Greg Denning is a welcome shot of enthusiasm and inspiration in the parenting arm!  Greg and Rachel Denning have seven kids and his family has been nomadic for 12 years (since 2007) and have lived in or travelled to 35+ countries on 5 continents.  Greg’s podcast aims to provide high-performance training and coaching for ambitious parents who want to be high-achieving, healthy, and happy at home AND in life/biz.

“We’re normal people. Except that we live a ridiculously awesome life. (We once ate breakfast in France, lunch in Monaco and dinner in Italy… and I breastfed my baby while riding a camel in the Sahara… we do stuff like that.)” – Rachel Denning

FREE WEBINAR:  Get kids to listen without nagging or yelling, Amy McCready from Positive Parenting Solutions


Simply put, I think Amy McCready is brilliant!  Amy is super practical in addressing the common everyday challenges in raising kids and extremely clear in her instructions and guidance.  While she has an amazing paid course with an incredible number of resources, she is currently offering a very useful free webinar along with a free guide to eliminating backtalk. 

Learn state-of-the-art, battle-tested parenting strategies with nationally recognized parenting coach, Amy McCready.  Please don’t miss this opportunity for free  access to practical guidance right now.

SMART COURSE FOR SCREENS: Consciously Digital Parents’ Academy with Noel Janis-Norton and other digital experts


We have a HUGE amount of respect for Noel Janis-Norton here at Habyts and so I am super excited about this upcoming 12-week course

Parenting in the digital age is not easy. It’s no wonder that parents are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exasperated. But it doesn’t have to be like this! Several of the UK’s leading parenting experts have teamed up, with Consciously Digital Parents’ Academy, to help parents get back in charge and prepare children for the digital future.  (Note: This is a paid course.  Habyts is not an affiliate.)

NEW PODCAST: The Play Healing Podcast by Debi John


Debi has a mission to bring back PLAY for all of us!  We recently started working with Debi John, the founder of Play Healing and a mother of two teenage daughters.  Our Habyts values are aligned with Debi’s approach and we are super excited to introduce you to her podcast.

Debi coaches parents online and has featured on BBC Radio to talk about parenting, home schooling and preventing tech addiction. She has worked in education with children aged 4-16 for over 20 years, performed as a musician for 25 years and completed a Post Grad in Therapeutic Play. (P.S. Here is a free useful worksheet from Debi: 22 Screen-Free Ideas to build connection with your tween / teen).

FACEBOOK FORUM: Teaching During COVID-19


Sometimes you just need to know how other folks are handling it all!  I have found this Facebook forum to be extremely helpful when it comes to educating kids right now.  While it’s primarily targeted to teachers, it also shares resources that are equally applicable to families.  As an aside, I also appreciate the welcome insight into both the challenges faced by teachers as well as the creative solutions educators are creating to address this unique situation.

According to the About section: “This page is created to serve as a resource for teachers to share lesson ideas, student connection ideas & to support each other as we face something in education we’ve never experienced before.  Use this group to share lessons, success stories, ask questions, or just a means for support from others experiencing the same thing.”

The Teaching During COVID-19 Facebook Group highlights many of the wonderful resources, offers of free subscriptions, lesson plan ideas & schedules to help teachers & families continue to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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