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List-building Strategies for Busy Bees

Hi, I’m Jani and I’m a list-a-holic! My need to stay organised with lists is what’s kept me on track throughout my schooling and career, and I don’t know what I would’ve done without The Knot’s wedding planning app (complete with a chronological to-do list!) when I was planning my very own wedding just a … Continued

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Hearing the Yes behind Your Teen’s No

What happens when you ask your teen to wash the dishes, tidy up after themselves, do their homework or any other task which contributes to your vision of raising a well-adjusted adolescent – and they say NO? Do you feel frustrated, helpless, overwhelmed? And most importantly what can you do in these situations that enhances … Continued

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Whatever Happened to Chores?

“82 percent of parents did chores as kids; 28 percent ask their kids to do them. Today’s Balancing Act.” – Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune via Twitter. While that trend is disconcerting enough, it was reassuring for me to see one person’s practical response to Heidi’s tweet about her article ‘Why aren’t we expecting our kids … Continued

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