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10 Top Tips for Talking to Caregivers About Your Screen Time Rules

How to tell relatives, teachers, babysitters, and even your spouse your screen time rules Article originally published by Commonsensemedia.org in March 2019. Common Sense Media provide a platform for opinions about parenting in the digital age. All ideas expressed are the writer’s own. You wouldn’t send your kid to a sleepover without telling the parents about … Continued

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Habyts celebrates ADHD Awareness Month 2018

Parenting is hard, parenting with ADHD even more so. Add distracting technology and limiting screen time seems impossible. We know, we’ve been there. Screen time self-control depends on the brain’s executive function – and ADHD undermines executive function. That’s why kids with ADHD find it harder to avoid excessive gaming, social media and other digital … Continued

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