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Customer Service at the Heart of Habyts

It’s been a busy few months here at Habyts.

And while we’ve been refining the features you know and love…

…our Habytars have been busy making tweaks and adjustments that will make setting up and using Habyts, a cinch.

Because it can sometimes feel that customer support and service are an afterthought when it comes to apps.

Which is why customer service is right at the heart of Habyts!

Not only have we made it super easy to get in touch

But we’ve made the following improvements to make Habyts even better:

  • Habyts Quick Wins Guide – our step-by-step plan for screen time success.
  • Habyts Product Tour – a fast track view of how Habyts works.
  • One-to-one Support – for extra peace-of-mind.

Let’s take a look at what each of these means for new and existing users.

Habyts Quick Wins Guide

We know that starting out with screen time routine can be a daunting prospect.

So we’ve created the Habyts Quick Wins Guide!

This habit-building system will give you the confidence – and motivation – to succeed.

Our proven 4-step PACE MethodologyTM gives you a clear roadmap for success.

  1. Prepare – get clued-up on what success looks like.
  2. Automate – see how to address specific concerns in a consistent way.
  3. Celebrate – make habits stick by reviewing progress and celebrating success.
  4. Experiment – be ready to handle any setbacks (it’s actually a GOOD thing).

The PACE MethodologyTM lets you follow the steps in your own stride – wherever you are in the process of setting up healthy screen time habits for your family.

It’s only available to registered users, so if you want to view the Habyts Quick Wins Guide, sign up for a Free Habyts 14-day Trial. (Existing users check your inbox for how to get access).

Habyts Product Tour

We’ve made it our mission to provide all the help you need to succeed with Habyts.

In addition to our help resources, digital parenting blog and in-depth guides

…we’ve developed the Habyts Product Tour!

It gives you the low-down on what each control does and when you should use them.

Letting you concentrate on building those healthy screen habits as a family.

Have you seen Vic?

She floats down the right-hand-side of our website.

Click on Vic to book a convenient time for us to call you.

You can talk with her about your screen time questions or challenges. She’ll even help you set-up Habyts over the phone.

Because sometimes it’s just good to talk!

We improve Habyts every day by releasing new features, crushing bugs, and listening to feedback. Just email us at contact@habyts.com – we’d love to hear from you!

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