Introducing Monitor Me – Track Your Own Screen Time Habits

Ever wonder how long you spend on your devices outside of work?

As a parent, you try hard to encourage responsible screen time. But if you can’t lead by example, it undermines your position.

Most of us believe we have it under control until we actually see how long we spend on our devices. It can be quite a shock!

Introducing: Monitor Me (Beta)

So we created Monitor Me (Beta). It lets parents monitor their own screen time usage – but only if you’re brave enough!

Monitor Me also adds your time to the Family Scorecard allowing your family to compare your screen time together.

Where To Find Monitor Me

First download the app on your (parent’s) device, then login to your account.  You will see your child’s name at the top (in the blue status bar) of your Parent Dashboard.

To the left of your child’s name is an arrow.

Select the left arrow and your header will turn green and say Me. This is your own dashboard.  Now simply set your own limits for this device. 

You can find out more about Monitor Me here.

And there’s more…

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