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More Habytars to love

Question: What would help you to do your daily Tasks? Answer from a child using Habyts: “this isnt on topic, but please ADD MORE HABYTARS! i only need one more, and theyre really fun to collect.” There’s no question – kids love the Habytars in Habyts!  And so do parents!  Habytars are an easy way … Continued

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Sexting: What parents need to know

Be honest, have you ever said: “My kid would never do that”? Yeah, we have too. Except, the thing is, kids have this neat trick where they say one thing and do something else altogether. It can be for any number of reasons. They don’t want to disappoint you, they think they’ll get in trouble … Continued

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A Routine World: Why Kids Crave It

Routine. What would we do without it? We have routines for the morning. Routines at work, school and for bedtime. We even have routine coffee breaks! Routine provides order in a complex, often hectic world. Having well-established routines… provides a sense of structure (for comfort!) builds good habits (for life!) increases productivity (for sanity!) builds … Continued

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