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If she turns off the router, I’ll just play offline games

No need to worry! Habyts manages the whole device, not just the internet connection.

Does your child lose hours playing offline games or watching videos they downloaded earlier?

It’s OK, we’ve got you covered.

Habyts manages all the apps on the device as well as websites – so outside of Play Time, Habyts blocks time-wasting offline games and previously downloaded movies.

It’s OK!  Habyts doesn’t ‘kill’ running apps – thereby losing your kids’ precious data (or game level!).

It just blocks access, so your child’s apps still run in the background, ready for their next Play Time.

Now, YOU’ve got it covered!

It's just not enough to block ONLY the internet

Remember playing Solitaire on your old Windows PC when there wasn’t much else to do?

Nowadays, kids will happily play Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Badlands or one of thousands of other games available offline…

for hours on end.

It seems like there should be an easy solution: just control the wifi at home, and internet addiction is solved!

Sadly, mobile networks easily bypass wifi controls…

…and even if you control mobiles, kids can still waste hours playing offline games or watching videos they downloaded earlier.

Of course, we’ve thought about this too!

Habyts controls the device, not just the internet connection…

so when you say “that’s enough screen time”, everything is blocked – even offline games and videos.

How to control offline games, apps and videos

Nothing to do here. It’s all done for you in Habyts!

We’ve designed Habyts so that Play Time rules cover offline and online apps – as well as websites (just like Study Time rules).

Now, back to that cup of tea…

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Habyts handles the sticky gotchas that go with screen time... so you don't have to

If any of these issues sound familiar - then you need Habyts.

I’ll just use Incognito mode. They’ll never know!

Relax! Habyts controls incognito (private) browsing. Cool huh?

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Safe Browsing

Chores? I don’t do chores.

Habyts lets kids earn their screen time privileges...finally!

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Parental Approval

I’ve tidied my bedroom – honest.

Require 'Task Approval' - if you think corners will be cut!

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Parental Approval

Joey, look! I found these pictures…

Habyts blocks bad websites - when a report is not enough!

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Safe Browsing

I’ve only just started – Billy was on for ages before me!

Habyts supports shared devices & applies rules to EACH child.

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Time Control

If she turns off the router, I’ll just play offline games

Habyts manages the whole device, not just the internet!

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Network Independent

I’ll do my homework after I’ve played Minecraft

Set 'Homework' to be done BEFORE Play Time. ;-)

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Rights vs Privileges

If you take away my PC, I’ll just use my phone

Habyts adds up time ACROSS devices...so 1 hour means 1 hour.

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Cross Platform

But I need the internet for my homework… really!

Set Study Time - ONLY allow educational sites & apps.

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Safe Browsing

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