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I’ve only just started – Billy was on for ages before me!

No need for a referee! Habyts supports shared devices and applies rules for each child

Want to avoid screen time fights on the family PC?

Sick of refereeing screen time between siblings?

Habyts supports shared devices… so if you have a family PC, everyone has their own account, time allowances and rules.

Parents can easily see how much time each child has used, and what they’ve been doing – offline as well as online.

Peace at last!

Sharing devices can turn managing individual screen time for kids into a real headache

It’s easier to track and control screen time if everyone has their own set of devices.

But many families share the family PC or iPad.

If that is the case, keeping track of time becomes a real headache, and the content filters that you put in place have to default to the safest settings.

It’s a messy business.

What we need is a system that keeps track of time on shared devices, and sets content rules for each individual.

These rules should apply automatically (as soon as you sign in)…

and the time should be measured accurately in the background.

Which is exactly what Habyts does for you.

How to share devices and still manage individual screen usage

Habyts gives everyone their own personal profile – so you can manage screen time by individual (even when the device is shared).

Just sign in by clicking on your own name and Habytar, then enter your password.

If you’re the only person using this device, check Remember me box so you don’t have to keep signing in.

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Habyts handles the sticky gotchas that go with screen time... so you don't have to

If any of these issues sound familiar - then you need Habyts.

I’ll just use Incognito mode. They’ll never know!

Relax! Habyts controls incognito (private) browsing. Cool huh?

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Safe Browsing

Chores? I don’t do chores.

Habyts lets kids earn their screen time privileges...finally!

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Parental Approval

I’ve tidied my bedroom – honest.

Require 'Task Approval' - if you think corners will be cut!

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Parental Approval

Joey, look! I found these pictures…

Habyts blocks bad websites - when a report is not enough!

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Safe Browsing

I’ve only just started – Billy was on for ages before me!

Habyts supports shared devices & applies rules to EACH child.

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Time Control

If she turns off the router, I’ll just play offline games

Habyts manages the whole device, not just the internet!

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Network Independent

I’ll do my homework after I’ve played Minecraft

Set 'Homework' to be done BEFORE Play Time. ;-)

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Rights vs Privileges

If you take away my PC, I’ll just use my phone

Habyts adds up time ACROSS devices...so 1 hour means 1 hour.

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Cross Platform

But I need the internet for my homework… really!

Set Study Time - ONLY allow educational sites & apps.

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Safe Browsing

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