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How to Better Manage Tasks with Less Effort

“Children want the challenge of difficult tasks – just look how much better they are than their parents on a computer.” James Dyson Tasks is a Habyts feature which helps to teach kids good, responsible behaviour, empowering them to take a bigger role in family life by setting, tracking and rewarding Tasks and chores. It’s popular … Continued

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Introducing – My Habytar Collection

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – especially when it comes to screen time and chores! At Habyts, our core philosophy has always been to help parents teach kids positive screen time habits. That’s why we work so hard to create tools like  Tasks and Rewards, Five More Minutes and Bonus … Continued

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New Year, New Habyts – January 2019 Update

While everybody was eating too much and playing with their shiny new presents over the holiday break, our dedicated, diligent, development elves were hard at work in the Habyts grotto (we did let them out briefly for half a mince pie). They have been crafting loads of new features, bug fixes and improving the user experience, based … Continued

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